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Hunter WickershamSep 17, 2021 1:00:17 AM1 min read

Pledge 2050 Featured on Nasdaq in Times Square


Celebrating Earth Day with, the “pledge to quit plastic by 2050.” Brought to you by the Footprint Foundation as a movement to get people to eliminate plastic from our lives and save us and the planet. Hunter Wickersham, Creative Director of SCI Creations designed the branding of Pledge 2050, as well as Footprint Foundation. Coordinating with the team, Lilo Social on the website design and SCI handling the development. The campaign was featured in Times Square, New York on the Nasdaq building on April 22nd, 2021. 


Simply put, recycling does not work. Only 4% of plastic is recycled, and most plastic can not be recycled with modern technology. Recycling is not a solution we or the planet can live with. Pledge 2050 was started as an initiative by the Footprint Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to eliminate plastic pollution from the environment and educate people on the serious impact that plastic has on our planet and bodies. 

It was only logical for them to start a global initiative to help people commit to quitting plastic. 

Ongoing Efforts

Pledge 2050 has received over 1,600 pledges since time of writing and continues to rise! Together, we can save our planet and eliminate plastic pollution. See what a difference our combined pledges are already making:

  • 35,318 gal of water saved per year.
  • 2,058,200 plastic items not used per year
  • 738,034 gal of oil saved per year
  • 21,443 lbs less waste to landfills or incineration per year
  • 270,442 lbs CO2 Emissions Reduced per year

How you can help

Head over to and take the pledge to quit plastic. As well as learn about other ways you can quit plastic at Tons of great resources and information on the devastating effect of plastic on our health and the health of the planet.