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Adi JaganJul 29, 2022 3:29:49 PM2 min read

What Even is a HubSpot Platinum Partner?

A Quick Guide to HubSpot’s Partner Tiers and What They Mean

By Adi Jagan

“There’s no partner like a HubSpot partner.” —Marketing Veep

TL;DR? HubSpot partner agency rankings aren’t just vanity plates! They’re earned, not given—but consider an agency’s experience in your industry as well as their ranking when selecting a HubSpot partner.

Grandiose titles run rampant these days, so Open Flow’s ranking as a HubSpot Platinum Partner may not immediately clarify what we do or how well we do it. For non-HubSpot nerds, here’s how it works: 

HubSpot, which has been the world’s premier inbound marketing and sales platform since 2006, lists more than 6400 agencies in its directory. Agencies are then divided into five different tiers: 

Gold Partners
Platinum Partners (that’s us!)
Diamond Partners
Elite Partners

Far from being vanity titles, each HubSpot tier must be earned (and re-earned every six months!) based on HubSpot’s extensive vetting system and how well an agency succeeds with the platform. So you can advance or lose your tier ranking based on how well your company performs. 

HubSpot tier rankings are based on four characteristics: Monthly revenue, retained clients, portal engagement and inbound marketing success. 

TL: DR? We’re ranked in the top six percent of HubSpot Partner agencies—not yet god tier yet, but definitely ninja level 🥷🏽

Ranking + Industry Experience = The Magic Agency Combination

While my team and I are proud of our Platinum ranking, we very much agree with Alex Martin, another HubSpot partner in the UK who argues experience should matter as much as rank:

“It’s much more important to find [a HubSpot Partner] that has experience in your industry, understands your goals, and has a solid understanding of how to deliver results for your business. There’s no point working with an Elite partner who has to do hours of research before writing a piece of content—you’d be better off with a Gold partner who has years of industry experience.” 

For example: Open Flow successfully supports cannabis dispensaries, brands, and trade organizations because experience has shown us what they need in a CRM. Seed-to-sale tracking, state-by-state regulation and inventory complexities mean cannabis businesses need agencies like ours that specialize in handling complex integrations. So while we’re a Platinum agency, our experience in this highly regulated sector enables us to move quickly and set cannabis companies up for success. (HubSpot is also the only enterprise-level CRM company that supports cannabis businesses—but that’s for another post.) 

Want to find out more about what a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency can do for you? Let’s talk!