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Adi JaganJul 14, 2022 4:30:37 PM2 min read

Three Reasons You Need Agency Help to Onboard in HubSpot

By Adi Jagan

If you’ve ever done home improvement work, you’ve likely debated which projects are do-it-yourself and which ones require hiring a professional. If you already have the tools, the skills and the leisure time, some remodeling you can do yourself—but some DIY projects, if done incorrectly, can actually incur further expenses, hassle and damage. 

Electrical work is always at the top of the home improvement “hire a pro” list. The risks of DIY electrical work range from annoying to downright dangerous.

When you onboard HubSpot, you’re redoing the electrical wiring of your business. Unlike home DIY, there’s no risk of starting a fire—but the costs, hassle and time commitment of the DIY approach to HubSpot onboarding can ruin your efforts to scale.

Here’s why our clients (some of whom have deep tech experience!) rely on us to manage Hubspot onboarding:

1. You have to pay someone to onboard you, no matter what. Hubspot onboarding is always an additional expense. For professional and enterprise accounts, Hubspot charges between $5,000 and $12,000. Their onboarding approach is fairly hands-off—they’ll explain how to set up a hub, but you or another busy colleague needs to go and do it yourself. 

As HubSpot Platinum professionals, we just set up your hub for you and coach your team on how to use it till they’re comfortable. We get it up and running fast—and because we’re a HubSpot partner, your HubSpot onboarding fee is waived. Like most entrepreneurs with growing businesses, our clients are insanely busy: They don’t have time to get an electrician’s license—they just need the lights on. Fortunately for them, we love doing wiring 🔌💡🔌

2. HubSpot migration and onboarding can be enormously time-consuming and frustrating if it’s not your specialty. Do you know how to best set up custom pipelines for your help desk? Do you want to coach your team when they’re struggling with the software? Do you have time to train your sales team on how to use a new deal pipeline? 

Harvard Business Review reports that knowledge workers spend nearly half their time on “discretionary activities that offer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others.” An amateur set-up also has costs in terms of your team’s frustration and morale. Few non-IT workers have time in their day to watch explainer videos, read training manuals, or navigate technical difficulties. 

3. Professional HubSpot migration means we get it right the first time. HubSpot onboarding requires numerous decisions based on your individual business goals. We’ll give you a custom setup that works for your team by automating key tasks and providing expert training, catered the needs and technical experience of your people. 

The best software is useless if people don’t use it. But with the right training, you can maximize HubSpot’s full potential and reap the rewards of your investment. Instead of struggling with frustrated staff and faulty wiring months after you installed it, you and your team can just enjoy the benefits of an expertly installed system and a well-lit space.

Skip the training manual. Hire HubSpot pros instead.