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Adi JaganJun 17, 2022 2:35:14 PM1 min read

What is RevOps and Why Does it Matter?

By Adi Jagan

Digital marketing circles are abuzz with talk of RevOps these days—but what does that term really mean? 

If you can’t define RevOps, by the way, you’re not alone. 

A 2021 Forrester survey showed 86% percent of executives agreed RevOps (shorthand for “revenue operations”) were key to meeting business goals—yet only 41% of them were confident they understood what RevOps really means. 

While it sounds like typical corporate marketing jargon, RevOps is also a very real business phenomenon that cutting-edge brands are implementing to scale and thrive.

Demystifying RevOps

At its most basic level, RevOps is an organizational strategy that maximizes revenue by bringing all parts of a business together.

Traditional business operations tend to isolate people and teams in their respective departments—sales isn’t communicating with customer service, customer service can’t share data with marketing. Each team is left to fight its own separate battles.

By bringing disconnected systems together, RevOps rallies all your teams under one umbrella. It creates transparency across departments, automates key tasks to make everyone’s job easier, and pools all of your data in one place.

Why Real RevOps Requires Tech Upgrades

RevOps is an organizational strategy for maximizing revenue potential—but that strategy can’t work if it exists solely on paper. An effective RevOps strategy automates key tasks and gives teams the ability to pull from the same data set—which means it usually requires an updated, streamlined tech stack.

RevOps works with what you already have—teams and valuable data insights—while streamlining your systems and mining your customer data for insights that will help you grow. 

RevOps is hot right now, not because it’s trendy boardroom jargon, but because it saves business time and money by unifying your data and goals, upgrading your systems and improving the entire customer journey. RevOps is here for the long haul because it’s real and it works. 

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